Attracting Millennials To Brand Events With Experiential Marketing
Written by Nielson B.

Attracting Millennials To Brand Events With Experiential Marketing

Attracting millennials to brand events with experiential marketing is a priority for businesses of every size.  A whopping 1/3 of the population in the United States is comprised of millennials, so it is a demographic that is absolutely critical.  These 18 to 34 year old consumers not only make up a third of the population but account for a very large percentage of audiences attending events.

Events Are Where To Reach Millennials

Millennials are less focused on purchasing items and are spending more of their income on attending events.  An astounding 75% of millennials expressed that experiences matter more than things they could buy.

90% of millennials have also attending at least 1 live event within the past 12 months.  This means that they act on the value that experiences are worth spending money on.  This is a dramatic shift in spending an equals an incredible increase of 82% in just three years.  With the bulk of the demographic finishing education and starting parenthood their spending power is at its prime.

How To Attract Millennials To Brand Events

Clearly events are a prime opportunity to introduce, increase awareness, and create deeper brand loyalty with millennials to your service or products.  Experiential marketing agencies craft events around the values and expectations of millennials to maximize interest, attendance, and ROI.  There are specific key elements to creating effective experiential marketing brand events for millennials. These keys to crafting millennial events include family friendly experiences, genuine interaction, and events that increase social status.

Family Friendly Brand Events

As this demographic matures and starts raising families’ events which feature more family friendly fun are increasingly desirable. With over half of millennials now being parents nights at mardi gras aren’t practical or as enticing.

This means that the when is increasingly important for creating successful brand events.  Events that want to reach millennials now should be planned for their peak happening on weekends, and during the day.  In fact the best experiential marketing events not only cater to the millennial parents, but offer activities and entertainment for the whole family.

Genuine Interactions At Events

With the advent of social media and a real or perceive loss of live interactions millennials value genuine interactions done in person.  Just under 80% of millennials state that when they attend live events it makes them feel more connected to other people and gives them a more realistic picture of the world.  About 75% of millennials express that when they attend a live event they feel they get a more genuine perspective and are able to influence a more meaningful impact.

Millennials value brand events which do more than market their services or product.  They have significantly higher interest in events which incorporate a charitable component or allow likeminded individuals to connect live in designated areas or times to mingle.

Social Sharing & Brand Events

With millennials not spending as much on things and investing more on attending events their social media streams are full of photos from these events.  An incredible 61% of millennials admit that they attend events so that they have something to share on their streams.

This means that your guest experience at your event is better when you provide fun and exciting photo opportunities that people want to share with friends.  Create and promote an event hashtag which is prominently displayed at the photo ops and throughout your event.  This will encourage your audience to share on social media and increase your event exposure.  In fact an incredible 70% of these millennials livestream during events on Instagram or Facebook Live.

Attractive Event Pages & Invites

Another important facet of attracting millennials to your brand event is to promote it in visually attractive ways.  The design of your event page or event invites through social media is a major factor on a millennials’ reaction to the event.  40% of millennials will decline attendance to an event if the event page or invite isn’t visually attractive.

Ensure that you set up an event page and make it one that people want to build into their social identity.  After all, your event is going to be part of what they share on social media, and becomes part of their public identity.

Choose Event Themes Millennials Care About

Choosing to connect your brand to an event that millennials will get excited about is a major factor to creating a successful event.  73% of millennials value of music, topic, speaker, or entertainment over free stuff, free drinks, or free food.  Millennials are also acutely aware that events are a prime opportunity to network and meet new people and 56% of them state that they attend events to do so.

Crafting Your Experiential Marketing Brand Event

PromoGroup experiential marketing can help you craft the perfect event which attracts millennials to interact with your brand.  With millennials becoming an ever increase percentage of the most active demographic in commerce reaching them through effective marketing channels is more important than ever.  The most effective way to market to millennials is experiential marketing as it is at the events and through experiences that they are reached, engaged, and motivated.

Let PromoGroup help you reach more millennials with brand events designed around them.

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