What is Promotional Marketing?
Written by Nielson B.

What is Promotional Marketing?

Many business owners are asking the question “What is promotional marketing?”   Promotional marketing is where a message gives the target audience some kind of incentive that makes them interact with the brand and go out and make purchases. The difference between promotional marketing and advertising is that promotional marketing affects the audience’s behavior immediately.

Promotional Marketing Campaign Elements

If a promotional marketing campaign is placed in the hands of a group or company who’s not experienced the benefits of promotional marketing will not shine. All promotional marketing should be conducted in such a way that any interactions consumers have build a more positive impression.  This is done by using effective marketing strategies that are compelling but not intrusive.

Promotional Marketing & Sweepstakes

People have been using promotional marketing for a long period of time now, as it has been use for both, online and offline for various situations. It has been proven the use of promotional marketing, and the most effective is when it is in conjunction with sweepstakes and/or giveaways. Sweepstakes offer a good way to draw attention to a campaign and people get interested if it means they have a chance to win a large prize.  It is not necessary to have a lot of promotional items given out to a large number of people when the grand prize is big enough.

Promotional Marketing & Social Media

If it is online promotional marketing you are dealing with, a good place to start is with some of the many social media sites offered, these make a good place to begin the promotional marketing campaigns. If you are in need of places to start mining your marketing campaign and needs leads, a couple of go-to sites for this would be Twitter and Facebook. Since these sites have already done the work of targeting customers and have them placed in a niche, it would be well worth giving them a shot. All that is left on your part is to find something to entice them with, like a prize that will be given away, after that, your promotional campaign will surely be a success.

Combined Marketing Approach

Combining everything mentioned above would be the best way to go for a promotional marketer, for it is a strategy that meets with a long term goal. Of course, marketing was not meant as a short term goal in the first place, for marketing results will only be able to be truly assessed over a duration of time. A tenet as this when used in promotional marketing would apply even more so.

One important facet of promotional marketing is mimicking the successful elements of previous campaigns.  This can mean the type of prize that is offered in a given sweepstakes or even the method by which the target demographic is made aware of the promotion. When successful strategies are used to build new campaigns with unique and exciting twists for individual brands it causes the excitement needed to generate sales and additional revenue.

Demographic Targeted Promotions

The most successful promotional marketing campaigns are those that focus advertisements about the promotion to existing customers or people using services or products that are commonly needed by the same demographic. In lieu of a blanketed one size fits all marketing campaign that reaches out to everyone many of the most successful promotional marketing campaigns are laser focused on specific groups of people that will have a higher likelihood of being interested in the company’s service or product.

Starting Your Promotional Campaign

If you are a small business or major corporation PromoGroup can help develop exciting promotional marketing campaigns which will help drive additional revenue and brand awareness into your company.  Well designed and executed promotional campaigns help with short term increases in sales and long term efforts for customer retention and loyalty. Partner with one of the world’s most experienced promotional marketing firms and benefit from PromoGroup’s wealth of experience and track record of promotional marketing success.

Written by Nielson B.

Gift Card Marketing Ideas

If you’re searching for “Gift Card Marketing Ideas” PromoGroup has the programs, products, and help you need to create exciting and effective new marketing campaigns.  Here are just some of the ways you can use gift cards for marketing.  For more information give us a call to discuss how your business can leverage gift cards in your marketing strategy.

Just about every business you know (and most likely all your competitors) has that clear acrylic display stand sitting next to the check-out counter, filled with can’t miss but “unloaded” credit card type gift cards. Naturally, business owners and store managers put them there to grab the customer’s eye and promote the gift card purchase. You’ve probably done the same thing? Right? I thought so.

Boosting Revenue With Gift Cards

Without a doubt, here is nothing wrong with this indirect approach. After all, that single display may be the most beneficial square foot of selling space you have. But, sometimes it helps to shake things up a bit – notably long before you experience a normal (or unexpected) business decline. A fresh approach to marketing your gift cards might be just what you need to boost revenues at essential times all through the year.

Purchase amount and reward loyalty

This might seem undeniable, but a lot of businesses fail to include gift cards as one incentive in a customer loyalty or rewards program. They can also be used on-the-spot when a customer spends over a certain amount. What’s legitimately nice about this concept is that you can surprise that person with a gift card – an action that’s sure to stay in his or her mind and inspire a return visit.

Use the gift cards as coupons

When customers are purchasing a high-dollar item, offer them a gift card that can be used right away. Again, this type of sudden discount encourages customer loyalty. Don’t be apprehensive of word of mouth. Offer the same “coupon” if a customer’s family member or friend wants to purchase the same type of item.

Combine gift cards with coupons

When people purchase gift cards for special occasions or at the holidays, have your latest promotion or coupon handy to give out. Doing this one small gesture might be all it takes to get that return visit.

Use gift card promotions for the less-popular holidays

It doesn’t always have to be about Easter or Christmas. Give your business an increase during slower times by offering distinctive gift card deals for unconventional celebrations (National Hamburger Day anyone?) or even special causes (National Safety Month).

Work in unison with other locally owned businesses

When small businesses get together, great things can happen! Try joining gift card promotions with a business that is complementary to yours (chocolates and massage sessions make a wonderful pair). Or, you can offer gift cards from each local business in the co-op available in all cooperating stores.

Use the gift cards as part of a raffle or sweepstakes

Again, tie loyalty cards and gift cards together by making them part of a sweepstakes. Every time a customer swipes their loyalty card, he or she gets another entry into a bigger-ticket gift card drawing.

Offer gift cards as part of an up-sell process

“If you’re willing to spend a little more, I’ll give you a gift card worth…”.  This is powerful up selling tool as you will be giving value on a gift card that in the mind of the consumer offsets the extra cost in the higher cost product that is being shown.  Most people want the nicer goods and services and a gift card can be the tool that takes the guilt away from the consumers mind and lets them spoil themselves.

Use them to build a larger social media presence

Offering gift cards to your 500th follower or put everyone who tweets a unique hash tag into a drawing. You can use them to encourage a blogger to write about your business (with proper disclosure, of course).

Support local charities with proceeds from your gift card sales

Let customers know each time they purchase a gift card a certain portion goes to support a charity of your choice. Maintaining a running total in the store and/ or on your website to reassure customers that the charity truly does benefit.

Give customers ideas on how to “wrap” gift cards

Although they are a well known favorite, gift cards are seen as a somewhat impersonal gift. It would be a good idea to display some really creative ideas that customers can use when they give their gift cards away.

Get Your Gift Card Marketing Program Started

As with anything in this situation, it’s important to plan ahead. Right now is the great time to be thinking about fall and even holiday gift card promos. Start thinking about ordering gift cards today!  To learn more or get your gift card marketing program started give PromoGroup a call or browse the list of gift cards we have available.

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Written by Nielson B.

Increase Customer Base Fast

Are you searching for “Increase Customer Base Fast” while looking for clever ways to increase the amount of customers you currently have? If so, PromoGroup can help! We put together a simple list of 5 ways to bring in more customers fast.

Have you often wondered how you could increase your customer base?

One of the company values is the value of your customers. Being able to analyze the profitability of customers and maximizing the lifetime value of customers are essential and vital to any company.

In order to increase the customer base, you will need to stay in constant contact with existing and potential customers. The more value your business is able to offer; the more likely customers will remain loyal.

Just a 5% increase in retention can cause a 75% increase in customer value. The challenge is how you can improve the retention by 5%.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Customer Base

Below are 5 easy ways to bring in more customers and increase the customer base.

Offer a free newsletter

Free is one thing that everyone can afford, from global corporations to small businesses. Whenever you offer a free newsletter, you are informing potential customers that you can provide free information from the beginning. If you give good content, customers will know more about your company.

Increase customer base by asking for opinions

Before a site visitor leaves the site, ask that they complete a short survey about your business. People will be happy to express themselves and will often like to tell you about their online and offline experience. You can use surveys to find out about customer experience, industry research or to measure customer satisfaction.

Maintaining excellent customer service and support

A customer who contacts your customer support about their first order is just as important as one who contacts you about their 15th order. Each customer needs to be treated with respect and appropriate action needs to be taken. Happy customers will tell about 3 friends about their positive experience and great customer service leads to increased sales. Plus, you can track previous customer communication using CRM software.

Keep the web content fresh

Informative and fresh content is a key part that will pull in new visitors and potential customers. Keep the content fresh by publishing blogs that have recent business news, hot topics in the industry, and information about your business. Fresh content helps your site to be found on search engines.

Promote your company on social media

Most Facebook users will have around 230 friends. Whenever you create a new content, run a new campaign, or launch a new product, ensure that this is shared across social media that you are active in. There are no easier ways to grow a customer base than having customers promote your brand because you provided value.

Building a good customer base

Marketing is how you attract and keep customers. If building a good customer base is what you are wanting to do, implementing the above steps will increase your customer base in a short amount of time.  This along with tried and true customer base building and customer retention campaigns offer companies opportunity and sustained growth.  Ensure that you retain, impress, and create exceptional experiences with each and every customer so you benefit from their patronage and you increase your reputation with word of mouth advertising. PromoGroup has been helping companies build better reputations, improve marketing, and create advertising campaigns and events for decades. Let us help you achieve more with your marketing and business efforts.

Written by Nielson B.

Tips for Successful Gift With Purchase Promotions

Promoting your business, products, or services with “Gift With Purchase” campaigns can be a very effective tool in marketing and sales.  There are some things to keep in mind and steps to follow to make sure it is successful and achieves the goals you have in mind. Here is our tips for successful gift with purchase promotions.

Set Clear Objectives

To create a successful gift with purchase promotion you should decide what the purpose will be and what you want to achieve.  This can be encouraging customers to buy in larger bulk quantities or even help move slower selling goods.  Gift with purchase is a powerful sales tool when it is designed to help address problem areas or increase brand awareness.  When your gift with purchase promotion has a clear objective you will have a better chance of succeeding.

Implementation & Managing Your Promotion

The fist key in a gift with purchase promotion is making sure that there are no other competing promotions going when you plan to have yours going.  You don’t want there to be too many offers going which may distract consumers.  The second key is knowing how the promotion will work and how it will be managed.  This can be tricky with larger corporations which have multiple locations such as chains or franchises.  The goal is to make the objective clear and achievable for retailers and help create additional business.

Choose Relevant Gifts

When you are trying to sell segments of items you want to make sure the gift with purchase is related to the industry, hobby, or activity and makes sense.  You don’t typically want to offer free fishing waders with the purchase of $70 dollars worth of cosmetics. Here are some tips that should help illustrate the point:

Choose small items which are easy to warehouse and keep behind cash registers. This makes it easy  to find space to keep the gifts, easy for cashiers to hand them out, and easy for customers  to take with them.

Choose related gifts to your products or services.  Lots of companies offer gift with purchase such as key chains with oil changes or travel mugs at coffee shops. Ultimately you just want them to enjoy the gift and remember it and your business as they use it.

Choose co-branded gifts which promote the brand and the retailer or location.  This means having a free pen with your logo and address or something similar. When manufacturers and retailers co-brand gift with purchase items both win and stay in the memory of consumers better.

Make The Offer Easy To Understand

People love getting gift with purchase items but can be sorely disappointed when their purchase doesn’t qualify.  It is critical to make it very prominent and plain what consumers need to do to earn the gift with purchase. The terms of the offer should be listed out very clearly so you avoid disappointing customers or confusing sales staff.  Here are tips to keep in mind for your promotion:

  • Write in plain language what needs to happen for customers to earn the gift. For example if it is a free burrito you should list out how many meals they have to pay for before they get a freebie.
  • Is there a limit to how many times a single customer can take advantage of the gift with purchase?
  • Will your promotion end? If so make sure it is printed clearly on all of your promotional materials.
  • Absolutely always include a “while supplies last” condition in case the promotion is a huge hit. You don’t want to be stuck offering other items if your material isn’t clear about running out of stock.

Detailing The Details

Promotional posters are meant to be exciting and every rule and addendum usually isn’t listed on these materials. The basics of the promotion should be listed and detailed fliers printed along with a QR code or URL to visit to read the full details and rules of the promotion.

Follow The Promotion

While sales can be a rough industry and staff might be tempted to use the gift with purchase items to close other sales, it should be reserved for the items in the promotion.  The most successful programs are designed to help encourage sales or business for certain products or services.  While it might seem like a good idea to get every sale possible it can undermine credibility when retailers are willing to bend the rules.  This habit can limit the success of gift with purchase promotions.

Promote Your Promotional Event

Having a gift with purchase promotion is great, but not if no one knows about it.  Get the word out with advertising, fliers, social media, and email blasts to let consumers know about your exciting promotion.  This can be local newspapers, radio, or even TV ads depending on the size of your company  and your goals.  Here are some ways that successful gift with purchase promotions get the word out:

  • Send emails to your customer base. Biggest key is getting the emails as you do business.
  • Display the promotion gift in your store prominently.
  • Fliers in store or mailed out to the residents in the area, especially former customers.
  • Create Facebook events and add the promotion to your website.
  • Tweet about it on Twitter and let people know it is coming up.
  • Take photos as you start the event and put them on social media.
  • Make sure you have posters and promotional material up in the store and at registers.

Measure The Promotion’s Success

You need to calculate the difference the promotion made after it is over.  Compare to previous months or the year before to measure the success of the promotion. How many more units sold?  Did the promotion get the door swinging more than before?  Did the promotion close more sales and increase business?  These are important questions to answer so you can repeat your success or learn how the promotion can be stronger.

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