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Best Experiential Marketing Case Studies

If you are searching Best Experiential Marketing Case Studies you are probably looking for new and innovative ways to connect with your customers. Marketing has shifted in recent years from a static message to interactive marketing events.  These marketing campaigns create memorable experiences between customers and companies or brands. They are also commonly referred to as Experiential Marketing. This article covers some of the best marketing case studies.

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3 Best Experiential Marketing Case Studies

These are some of the most creative and successful campaigns ever done in experiential marketing. See below to understand what was done and get a glimpse of why it is an effective method of marketing.

Trip To Dubin by Guinness Beer

This experiential marketing campaign involved sending ambassadors dressed in flight suits and apparel branded with the Guinness logos to bars to give customers a chance to win a variety of prizes, including an impromptu trip straight to Dublin for them and 4 of their friends on a private jet!

This type of approach involves offering participants a chance to win things that many people aspire to own or go and do. In this case this aspirational approach involved a chance to win a trip on a private jet and get to visit the home of Guinness in Dublin, Ireland.

Participation in the contest involved ordering a pint of Guinness followed by a chance to shake a mobile tablet set up to randomly award prizes.  Prizes were varied from keychains to passport holders and all the way up to the private jet trip.  This chance to win something typically reserved for the elite helped anchor in the minds of participants that the brand, Guinness, was something associated with refinement, affluences, and success.

Charity Donation Billboard by Misereor

We are a people and species that is conditioned to swipe our cards to pay for everything. In fact there are over 350 billion non-cash transactions made every year. Calling in while watching TV to give money to charities doesn’t have the same in person, one on one, interaction that is possible through experiential marketing.

Misereor created what they call “social swipe” where digital posters were set up that featured some of the causes that Misereor seeks to solve. One example of a cause was to solve hunger. The digital billboard featured a loaf of bread with a card reader. Every time someone swiped their card it would cut a slice.  This means that people got to give in front of others, and see a graphic depiction of their effect.

This creates a memorable experience for the participant and it encourages others who see the act of interacting with the display to also participate. After all, we are a species that loves to be included.

Facebook IQ Live by Momentum Worldwide

Facebook has an incredible amount of information about how people interact with platforms. The Facebook IQ Live event was created such that it was a real world retail setting that mirrored the way that consumers use digital platforms like Facebook for business and Instagram.  It was set up to better understand how shoppers follow a path while using social media for making buying decisions.

This experience also featured a café set up to be the perfect snapshot trap where participants would take lots of pictures that they share as a memory and also a free advertisement for the product, event, or company.

This event is considered a shiny success for a few reasons. Firstly it gave great insight into what matters to consumers while they are making purchase decisions on social media platforms. When companies know what matters to consumers, they can adjust their strategy to match.  Secondly the experience also helped market Facebook for Business as it showed the increase of consumers in using social media to make buying decisions.

Facets of Experiential Marketing

The best experiential marketing campaigns will take deliver all 5 of these facets and benefits. Being live in front of your consumers or potential consumers is the most effective way to expand your customer base, generate sales, and increase brand awareness.  When companies want to grow their business using experiential marketing to create an event and live interaction is one of the most effective methods.  Many consumers are numb to advertising on the tv, radio, and on their handheld devices and ignore them as static. When consumers meet an experiential marketing team member who’s excited, smiling, and offering a fun activity that’s connected to your brand it is hard to miss.

Premium Distribution

Experiential marketing can be a revenue generator for your company as it offers live interaction between your brand and consumers.  Exciting and enticing experiential marketing campaigns draw attention to fun and engaging experiences.  The best time to sell is when people are excited about your services or products and that is just what experiential marketing is can do for you!

Demos – Try it live, trial size.

Whether it’s a new car, exercise equipment, or any other product most of us want to try it on, give it a try, or take a trial size home and evaluate the product.  Giving your customers the chance to come and “kick the tires” for your product or service overcomes the hesitation many people feel about paying for something they have not tried.  Get your product in front of people live, give them the chance to experience your superior quality, and increase sales.

Data Collection

Many companies thrive on marketing campaigns that email customers with special offers, sales events, and other exciting opportunities line gift with purchase promotions or sweepstakes.  To offer these exciting opportunities to your customers you need some data.  One of the goals of effective experiential marketing campaigns is also to perform data collection to build contact lists.  Well trained experiential marketers understand the value of collecting this data and know the best ways to collect it.

Special Guest Appearances

Brands that create connections to the famous or infamous tend to get more attention.  People love the chance to meet their heroes and famous people and having a special guest appearance helps drive interest to your event.  Celebrity endorsements are effective and compelling as consumers trust the judgment of these celebrities. If Michael Jordan loves some Wheaties and Nike then just about everyone else will too.

Brand Awareness

Brands that are new or want to break into new demographics benefit from the live interaction that experiential marketing provides. When your product or service is made part of an event and people are on the ground and interacting with consumers it helps increase the awareness of your name and reputation for quality.  This is a great benefit of experiential marketing in that new brands or brands that want to expand into new regions or demographics can make live contact with those targeted consumers.

Experiential Marketing Campaigns by PromoGroup

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