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Experiential Marketing Chicago

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If you search “Experiential Marketing Chicago” PromoGroup is Chicago’s most experienced experiential marketing agency.  We create excitement and increase revenue through our promotional events and experiential marketing campaigns. Our team helps design the concept for your promotional event, organizes the logistics, sourcing, and staffing.

Experiential Marketing Skills

We have a wealth of experience in a variety of experiential marketing approaches which include: retail promotions, guerilla marketing, street teams, product sampling, mobile tours and more!  There isn’t a project out of our skill set!  We will show people how your service or product can fit into and improve their lives in a fun and memorable way!

Marketing That Gets Noticed

Experiential gets your brand, product, or service out in public and creates an exciting and fun event for people to enjoy.  This means that consumers are invited to interact with your brand on a live and in person level instead of just having traditional marketing such as commercials.

We all know that any time you flip on the TV, radio, or open a newspaper there is a enormous amount of advertising. This means that your brand can get lost in the sea of radio spots, TV commercials, and newspaper ads.   When the marketing is done in person by highly trained and excited live people it makes it personal, fun, and something that gets notice and motivates your audience.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is known by a few names such as “Live Marketing”, “Engaging Marketing”, “Participation Marketing”, “Event Marketing”, or “Special Event Marketing”.  It is characterized by inviting consumers to participate in person with your brand and engage with or help evolve your brand.  The major characteristic that defines experiential marketing is that consumers are active participants instead of passive receivers of your message.

When people get to see it live, touch it, and experience the quality of luxury of your product in person it makes a deeper connection with your brand.  All of this leads to increased revenue, greater consumer loyalty, and increased word of mouth advertising.

Why Experiential Marketing?

Simply stated experiential marketing makes your brand a live and in person experience.  Which is better, seeing a picture of an island paradise, or visiting an island paradise yourself?  That is the difference between simply seeing your product or service on TV, and getting a chance to sample it or see it live through experiential marketing.  Experiential marketing succeeds through three key facets, connecting, interacting, and retaining.  Read below to see how each of these keys works.


When your brand is live and in person people can connect with it in a more meaningful way than simply seeing it on TV.  They connect with the product, service, and with the excitement.


Consumers get to see the product, sample it, try it out for themselves.  When they get to experience the superior quality of your product live with their senses it becomes more real.


When people have experienced something live they remember it better and experiential marketing helps them create long lasting positive impressions of your brand and quality.

Commerce is emotional and people tend to indulge their wants only when they are excited.  The emotional bonds people make from interacting with your brand live are much more significant than those created by commercials or other advertising. Experiential marketing helps increase awareness of your brand, increases revenue, and provides unmatchable consumer loyalty.

Internet, TV, and radio commercials all lack the live and in person aspect of experiential marketing.  Traditional marketing and internet marketing clearly have their place to maintain brand awareness they will never be able to provide your prospective consumers with the live and in person excitement that experiential marketing delivers. Today’s consumer is virtually all but blind to traditional advertising with the enormous amount of offerings they are exposed to via all media streams and outlets.  Our experiential marketing service will create a fun and exciting live event that people will notice, interact with, and remember.

Premier Experiential Marketing Firm!

PromoGroup is your premiere experiential marketing agency and has designed and implemented exciting and memorable campaigns for easily recognizable brands such as PayPal, Crown Royal, Hershey’s, and ESPN.  Our team full embraces that the key to successful experiential marketing staes with an intimate understanding of each company, brand, and product along with the target consumers.  We help identify your company’s unique character, set of beliefs, and translate this into an experience that consumers will remember. Each experiential marketing campaign is engineered to reach the target consumers in an impactful and personal level.

How We Can Help

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Production Design
  • Festival Properties
  • Special Events
  • Retail Programs
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Grassroots Programs
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Affluent Marketing
  • Talent Procurement
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Brand Experiences
  • Buzz Marketing
  • PR Stunts
  • Product Sampling

What Can Experiential Marketing Be Used For?

A 2009 survey revealed that the majority of marketing professionals believed that experiential marketing creates longer lasting customer relationships. They also agree that it helps encourage sales in the short term, increases brand awareness, and increases word of mouth advertising.

  • Create memories
  • Stimulate positive word of mouth
  • Change the mind of dissatisfied customers
  • Create product desire
  • Verify the target audience
  • Increase return on marketing investment
  • Build relationships
  • Raise awareness
  • Increase loyalty
  • Establish relevance
  • Encourage interaction and product trial

Measurement Of Success

Every promotional campaign that is implemented needs to be evaluated and report its successes.  Experiential marketing can and should be measured by the goals each campaign is set to focus on.  Evaluation should be in place from start to finish and analyzed upon completion. Experiential marketing varies on its approach and goals, see below for some of the elements that should be tracked and examined.

  • Number of relevant consumers
  • Number of resulting sales or purchase intent
  • Quality of impressions
  • Number of A grade impressions
  • Quality of data captured
  • Number of leads opting in to follow up
  • Increase in trust and confidence in a brand
  • Integration into current marketing programs

Experiential Marketing in Chicago

Experiential marketing is now understood to be a critical element of marketing.  As one of the biggest cities in the United States, Chicago’s competitive business environment means each company needs to invest in effective marketing methods, and experiential marketing is the most effective.  In today’s competitive marketing place successful companies embrace the “live and in person” aspect of experiential marketing.  These campaigns carry forward the character and values of your company in a live and exciting experience.

Many times during these campaigns you will create new awareness for consumers and it will be the first time they have heard of your product.  Having the right team to make the program engaging, fun, and memorable will decide what impression your consumers will be left with.

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Special promotions can boost sales. It’s a win-win for all parties. Customers get a gift-with purchase. Sales Incentive program motivate employees to achieve higher goals. Sales Management reaches higher results. With these promotion strategies, you can make the shopping experience more engaging and relevant to your customers.


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We create excitement and increase revenue through our promotional events and experiential marketing campaigns.