Experiential Marking Strategies That Increase Brand Awareness
Written by Nielson B.

Experiential Marking Strategies That Increase Brand Awareness

Over 80% of brands that utilize experiential marketing events report that their goal is to create or increase brand awareness, according to The Event Marketing Institute’s research survey.  These businesses listed brand awareness above increasing deeper customer involvement, increasing sales, and launching new products.

Brand Awareness Experiential Marking Strategies

It is important to understand the role experiential marketing plays in increasing brand awareness as business owners, managers, marketing directors, and especially as an experiential marketing company. We will discuss in greater detail the most effective strategies for experiential marketing campaigns that help achieve the goal of increasing brand awareness.

#1 – Interactive Out-Of-Home Advertising

When consumers leave their homes they are used to seeing billboards, busses wrapped with ads, store window advertisements, and roadside advertisements.  These are still advertisements that do little to engage the consumer or give an opportunity for them to directly interact with it.

Interactive advertising typically is characterized by setting up screens which entice and engage the consumer in unexpected daily environments. Popular areas include places where people are waiting or enjoying leisure time such as parks or bus stops.  Many big name brands from movies and Babybel to Nurofen and Carlsberg have all installed interactive out-of-home experiential marketing that have helped increase brand awareness in fun and memorable ways.

#2 – Publicity Stuns Get Your Brand Attention

Publicity stunts are the marketer’s and aggressive business owner’s secret weapon to getting increased brand awareness. These events get exposure from people passing by, word of mouth, and when executed properly news stories and viral social media attention.  Publicity stunts have been embraced by virtually every recognizable brand including KFC, Red Bull, ESPN, and more. This strategy can be incredibly effective as it can achieve a significant reaction from consumers which is the key to making marketing memorable and therefore increasing brand awareness.

#3 – Popup Experiential Marketing

A popup experiential experience is having a temporary easily relocated structure that is dropped off and staffed in high foot traffic areas.  This can be near shopping centers, parks, beaches, or anywhere that people go to enjoy fresh air and their time off.  A popup provides a real world location where consumers can immerse themselves with the brand through compelling and fun experiences. Not only do pop-ups increase brand awareness but they are incredibly popular among millennials. This can be a game changer for online only companies who do not have brick and mortar stores in every city in America.

#4 – Increasing Brand Awareness With Flyers

While handing out flyers isn’t a new approach it is still an invaluable and effective live and in person marketing approach. Despite newer technology flyers continue to garnish nearly 80% recall from consumers.  Handing out flyers to increase brand awareness is most effective when there is a attention getting element to the strategy that grabs the attention of consumers as they walk by.  Flyers can even be combined with the other experiential marketing strategies to increase brand awareness after the fact with useful informational flyers and optional sweepstakes that help build contact information bases to continue contact.  Flyers or handouts can also drive visits to stores when they offer samples or giveaways.  One incredibly effective method is distributing gift certificates to consumers to drive in store visits!

#5 – Experiential Marketing Samples

Most of us have been to the grocery store and been offered a free sample of cookies, salami, or whatever the store wants to draw your attention and awareness to.  Sampling is an incredibly effective experiential marketing strategy with a whopping 81% of people saying they only approached the booth because they wanted a free giveaway or sample.  In addition an incredible 59% of those people said they were going to tell friends or family about their experience.

In Store Opportunities

While experiential marketing is typically characterized by being a live and in public event offering in store sampling or free giveaways generate foot traffic.  Nearly 60% of consumers will visit a store they have never been to or had plans to visit if there is a giveaway or sample.  When you consider that 73% of consumers are likely to purchase after sampling, it is an incredible opportunity for businesses.

Start Your Brand Awareness Building Experiential Marketing

If you want to get your name out there and increase you brand awareness experiential marketing cannot be beat.  Business owners typically don’t have the time to go out and meet perspective customers in person to create memorable experiences that increase brand awareness. That is the job of an experiential marketing company.  PromoGroup can design, implement, and analyze effective experiential marketing campaigns that will increase your brand’s awareness with consumers.  Get your name out there, get noticed, and get remembered when consumers are ready to buy.  Contact us to find out the exciting and effective experiential marketing techniques we can use to increase your brand’s awareness!

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