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If you Googled “Local SEO Scottsdale” and found our site, then you probably are here for 1 of 4 different reasons.

  1. You are a competitor and you are here to analyze our site to find what makes us rank so high. (Good luck with that)
  2. You need a local SEO company that is located in Scottsdale to help you get your local business found by other consumers who are looking for your types of service and products.
  3. You are looking for local SEO services or Google maps optimization.
  4. You are here because you need help to market your local business.

In any of those scenarios, you found us because we rock. Kidding… Seriously, we do. We actually planned on you finding us for that exact search term. If you would like to receive a free local SEO consultation in Scottsdale, Give PromoGroup a call today at (312) 467-1300.

Our Local SEO Services In Scottsdale Rock

We have tons of local SEO customers scattered around the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona areas. We rock when it comes to researching and analyzing what our customers are searching for the most.

We can do that for your business. We will find the most searched keywords in your niche/industry and optimize your site to rank for those specific keywords.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the words that people use when they search for services and products in a search engine such as Yandex, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

For instance: We noticed that our customers search for “Local SEO Scottsdale” on Google. So we built and then optimized our site to rank for that specific keyword.

Once your have found the keywords that are important for your industry, the rest is just providing the right SEO signals to Google to prove that you are the best result out there.

What is Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO is about optimizing the keywords on your site. Everyday before now, you typed in keywords without even realizing it. For instance, you most likely do a lot of searches for services and products on Google from your mobile device or pc. Take for example – the people in Scottsdale are searching for “plumber scottsdale”, “Fast food scottsdale”, “hosptial 85250”, etc.

When you are doing a Google search, whether your voice search or type it out, you are inputting keywords. Google takes the keywords that you put in and gives you a result. That result is usually pretty close or exactly what you are looking for over 99% of the time.

So, how does Google provide almost perfect results each time? Google has a very advanced algorithm that grades a bunch of factors to help provide the best local results that they predict will be the best result for your result in the local area. Google separates the results into 3 sections.

How the local results are shown in the Google Search

Ad Section (PPC or Pay Per Click)

Google will show ads that local businesses will pay for. It is a pay per click which helps to get your business shown on the first page of Google without having to pay for SEO services. Local SEO companies will often charge a small percentage of your budget or a flat fee to manage your Pay Per Click account on Google AdWords.

Goggle my business listing section (Most important)

The business listing on Google or AKA Google map listing of the search is the most important section that you are going to want to be in if you get more calls, clicks, traffic and sales of your services and products. Whenever we accept your local SEO account, this is the first place that we tackle. The listing, plus filling your site with relevant content, backlinks and other white hat SEO strategies, we can send your business to the first page on Google.

Organic Listing Section

This section is going to be your second chance or last chance to get your site clicked for your services and products. If the searcher made it this far, that means they didn’t find what they needed in the business listing section or they need more details. You will see that these listings have titles and descriptions under them unlike the business listing section which is short and sweet. Most often, if the searcher made it this far into the search, then they are looking for something quite specific. You will see in the title that the plumber has 24-hour plumbing services. That is a great keyword to list in your title if you happen to be a plumber.

How can my business be in the local Google listing results?

You can be one of these results as long as you score high with Google. Google gets all these local results by grading the local products and services sites. Whenever we say grading, we mean analyzing. Google will analyze your site based on million factors which are listed below. It isn’t really a million, but it sounds good to say just to impress you. There are a lot of factors that Google will use to grade your site. We can help to implement these factors to ensure that your site scores high in Google.

How does Google grade my local business site?

Google will grade your site on a number of factors. Below are the most important factors that Google will use to score or grade your site.

  • How much content you have: Google wants to see a lot of great content on your pages. Don’t have a lot to write about? That is where we come in. We will write over a million words yearly. That isn’t a lie. The number is probably higher and it is still growing. We are expert content writers and we know what it will take to solve search queries.
  • How many links that you have: Links are quite important and are the only reason that your competitor ranks over you. Don’t have enough links or you don’t know what they are? You need our help then as well as our networking resources to put your link building game in the next level.
  • How easy your page is to read: Are you a sophisticated author or college writer? Google does like you. Believe it or not, Google actually wants to see 7th or 8th grade writing. People these days aren’t all bright and not everyone goes to a 4-year university. Keep it simple.
  • How long the user stays on your page once the click your site: Are your potential customers leaving right away? That is bad for SEO and will put your site at the bottom of the barrel of searches. That is bad CTR (Click through rate) and you need to have a good one. We can help with that.
  • Page Speed: How fast your site loads will make a big difference on if Google will show your site or not. Does your WordPress site load slow? We can help to speed it up and get you on our ultra fast servers.
  • Mobile friendly: Is your business site mobile friendly? If not, then Google may penalize your site. Google wants to be able to offer the best experience for your customers. They won’t want to show your site on a mobile search. Don’t care about the mobile search? Recent statistics show that mobile searching is at 60% and desktop searching is only at 40%.
  • Pictures: Google actually really loves all original pictures. Don’t know how to optimize or SEO pictures correctly or you don’t have pictures? This could hold your site back.
  • Videos: Scottsdale businesses that are looking to rank need to use video. The internet is going digital and the future of SEO is going to be Local Video SEO. So get on board now before the competitors do.
  • Page structure: Your page structure makes a difference for your ranking. Are you mentioning the right keywords in the right places? You most likely are not and that means no ranks. Luckily, we can structure your site for positive SEO friendliness.
  • Headings: Your headings are going to be the most important factor for local SEO. Having the right type of headings with the right keywords will get you in the right rankings in a flash.
  • How many competitors your business has: Competitors will play a huge part in the success of your SEO strategy. If you are in a high competition field, it will take a lot of effort and longer time to gain strong rankings. What is high competition? It is when there are more than 100 to 1000s of businesses in your area that have sites, rankings, and listings that we have to overcome.
  • Your Geo Location: Your geo location is the address or where you are on the map of the area. If your google business listing is done right, then your local customers will be able to find your business when looking for what you offer in that area. We know how to set up your Google business listing correctly to attract the widest radius of consumers in that area.
  • Proper use of keywords: If you aren’t using your keywords right, then you could be diluting the whole SEO strategy. We know where, when, and why to use those keywords in certain places that Google will be looking at the most.
  • Trust Factors: Do you have links that are from credible sources? How much of your site is Google able to understand from just a few pages with little amounts of words on it? Are you highly reviewed? Are you accredited with the BBB? Google needs to be able to trust you to be able to rank you. We can help to build that trust.
  • Local Reviews: Local reviews are going to be the most important factors for a trustworthy, safe local SEO campaign. That is where you will come in, we help to get the customers, but you have to get them to review your company. We will give you the tools that you need to text, message, or email your customers easy instructions to leave a Google review.
  • Citations: Are you on Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.? Google wants to see that you are everywhere. We know where you need to get listed at to show Google that they need to notice your business.
  • Social media factors: Don’t have your company on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter yet? Do you have those accounts but you aren’t using them right? That is a big NO-NO in SEO. Google wants to see that you are interacting with your customers or at least that your sharing helpful information.
  • And SO Much More…

Experts At Finding Possibilities

There are a lot of factors that Google will use to grade your site. We are the experts at finding all the possibilities and implementing the factors into your local business site that is needed to gain strong rankings. We want you to pass the grading process, so that Google will see you as top in your niche and ranks you with that finding.

We are all about possibilities and that is why they call us that possibility thinkers. We know that your site has a big chance to rank on Google just like our other clients regardless of your industry.

We know what it takes to make an authoritative and trustworthy site that Google will constantly recommend. Plus, with us helping you to get tons of positive reviews from clients and your site will become an unstoppable force that has #1 rankings.

Local SEO questions answered

How long will I need to pay for local SEO services? It really depends on the competition and just how many of them are using SEO companies. Google will reward sites that will show the most signals. If your website shows less signals than your competitor and they will outrank you every single time.

You want to provide positive signals, especially in a competitive field that has a lot of competition. What if the business has low competition? We have packages for all business levels and can provide SEO services for large to small businesses in Scottsdale.

Many businesses are learning about and paying for SEO, and it’s getting harder to have your business ranked high. That is why we stay up to date on the latest strategies from experts in the SEO industry like Ryan Stewart and Brian Dean, who know SEO well and are the innovators of white hat SEO techniques and growing techniques.

Can I learn how to do SEO on my own? Yes, you can just Google Local SEO strategies and you will be shown a nice guide on how to be ranked on Google. I also added links to some highly respected SEO professionals who teach SEO, so give it a shot.

Why would you provide that information easily? We have been in business for over 20 years in website development and we know that it is going to take you that long to gain the experience and knowledge that our whole team has. Not to mention that we have a lot of resources that sets us apart from other SEO companies or single man operations who work in their basements or homes… home offices.

Come have a sit down with the Local SEO experts In Scottsdale

Local SEO Scottsdale - Marketing Services

If you would like to receive a free local SEO consultation in Scottsdale, Give PromoGroup a call today at (312) 467-1300. We work in the heart of Scottsdale in a nice office where we would love to meet you and talk about what we can do for you. Come and sit with our experts so that they can let you know where your business is falling short and offer how you can fix it and recommend packages that could help your business to be better so that Google ranks you higher, and allows your business to grow so people can find your services and products.

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