Marketing To Millennials With Experiential Marketing 2017
Written by Nielson B.

Marketing To Millennials With Experiential Marketing 2017

Marketing to Millennials with experiential marketing is one of the most effective methods available. Businesses wanting to grow and continue to prosper in 2017, need to find ways to market to Millennials.

The Marketing Challenge

Traditional marketing is being ignored by Millennials as they are tech savvy and ignore mailed advertisements, billboards, and are using ad blockers on browsers.  This means that these consumers aren’t being reached and businesses are missing out on a major revenue stream.

The Experiential Solution

Research has shown that Millennials value experiences over ownership and allocate their attention towards concerts, exhibitions, festivals, nightlife, and attractions.  Experiential marketing is the live and in person marketing solution that gets the attention of Millennials at these events!

Reaching Millennials Through Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing beats traditional marketing every day of the week when it comes to reaching Millennials. This is due primarily to the majority of Millennials valuing experiences.  While it is a bit of a generalization, studies have shown that Millennials value what they get to go and do more so than what they have.  In fact a study conducted by the Harris Group found that 72% of Millennials choose an experience over material items.

Experiential Marketing Positions Your Brand

The key to marketing to Millennials is to take your service or product to these live events and integrate it in a highly visible but attractive way.  You should make sure the theme of the experiential marketing campaign is fun, enjoyable, and engaging.  Ensuring that it is fun will attract more participation and help get you on Millennials’ radar.

Great opportunities to set up an experiential marketing campaign will be spaces and events which Millennials frequent, such as: concerts, festivals, malls, college campuses, and sporting events.

Effective Marketing Through Authenticity

Millennials are stereotyped by hours spent on social media creating altered personas and glamorizing their lives, so it might seem counterintuitive to think that they value authenticity.  That being said, Millennials are more attracted and interested in brands which are transparent, honest, and authentic.

Live interactions made through experiential marketing appear more genuine and authentic than receiving a pre-packed advertisement that is a “one size fits all” approach to marketing.  Through personalized conversations with experiential marketing staff Millennials connect with your brand’s identity, what your brand stands for, and how your service or product fits into their life, personally.

Authentic Interaction Over Pushing Sales

Many of today’s top companies are using experiential marketing to create these authentic experiences where the goal isn’t to just promote and sell their product, service, or generate email lists.  Top brands are using experiential marketing to sharpen their focus and implementing insights into their research and design approach.  By taking their services or products to the consumer for an in person conversation about the design, quality, and overall impression from Millennials companies are discovering invaluable insights.  This approach deepens consumer loyalty, increases brand awareness, and helps meet or exceed consumer’s expectations for value, quality, and stay authentic.

Millennial Marketing Agency

While it is possible for businesses to set up and execute their own experiential marketing campaign, it requires staff, logistics, research, event management, and detailed reporting after the event.  The job of an experiential marketing agency is to take care of these events so businesses need not divert their staff, or business owners overburden themselves with creating, executing, and managing an experiential event.  The top experiential marketing agencies research specifically when, where, and how to connect with Millennials.  For the most successful experiential marketing campaigns it is best to hire a professional experiential marketing agency.

Millennial Marketing Campaign

Millennials being harder to reach due to their tuning out from traditional media streams, or fast forwarding straight through commercials on TV mean you need to have a completely different approach.  Experiential marketing is the most effective method of reaching Millennials, but just getting in front of them isn’t enough.  Your experiential marketing agency will do research into how your service or product appeals to Millennials most.  This will help make decisions about where, when, and how to create the right experiential marketing event.

Hiring A Millennial Marketing Agency

If you own or manage a business and want to reach the valuable demographic of Millennials, you need to hire an agency familiar with millennial marketing.  While 50 years ago standing in the street handing out flyers might have been an effective marketing approach, Millennials are blind to traditional methods of advertising, or simply avoid it completely.

If businesses want to connect with Millennials it is critical to create and implement live experiential marketing campaigns to create fun, exciting, and in person connections.  Not only will this offer companies a chance to increase sales and brand awareness but provides a platform for product research to better understand the values and expectations of consumers.

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