Experiential Marketing Agency Phoenix

Experiential Marketing Agency Phoenix

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When you’re searching “Experiential Marketing Agency Phoenix“, PromoGroup delivers with decades of experience in advertising and promotions.  Our team will create exciting experiential marketing campaigns that will promote your brand, increase awareness, and help connect you with your consumers in meaningful and memorable ways.

Skilled Experiential Marketing Pros

Our team possesses skills that come from years of experience promoting brands. Experiential marketing skills include approaches such as: mobile tours, product sampling, guerilla marketing, pop ups, street teams, festival booths, and more! Our skill set can cover any size or type of campaign you’re interested in investing in. We showcase your service or products in a way that demonstrates how they fit into their lives and add value in ways they remember!

Attention Grabbing Marketing

Experiential gets your brand, product, or service out in public and creates an exciting and fun event for people to enjoy.  This means that consumers are invited to interact with your brand on a live and in person level instead of just having traditional marketing such as commercials.

Today’s consumer is inundated with marketing on TV, radio, news sources, and internet ads. With ad blockers and fast forward much of your advertising is going unnoticed. To effectively connect with today’s consumer brands must invest in meeting them at the areas and events they frequent. This is the purpose and benefit of experiential marketing. Our team creates experiences that draw consumers in, engages them one on one, and creates unforgettable experiences.

Best of all the experience is in person and tailored to each consumer. Brands can tell their story in a way that’s custom to each person and even use live events to do market research and product development. Let us show you experiential marketing’s true potential to connect and convert consumers to customers.

Experiential Marketing Agency Phoenix

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What Is Experiential Marketing?

If you’re just learning about experiential marketing, like so many business owners are, you might be wondering what it is.  Experiential marketing is a marketing approach defined by live in person engagement with consumers that is informative, exciting, and memorable.

The major difference between experiential marketing and traditional marketing is the role of the consumer.  In traditional advertising the consumer simply was offered a message about your brand, service, or product.  They were not able to offer their option or ask questions.  In experiential marketing the consumer is engaged and active in interacting with the advertising or experience.

Why Invest In Experiential Marketing?

There are two main factors in why experiential marketing has such incredible return on investment.  Firstly it is a live interaction that gets the attention of your consumers.  Consumers can lace up, taste, try, and experience the quality of what you have to offer.  Secondly younger consumers are shifting their spending habits from purchases to live experiences such as festivals and concerts.  Companies that want to connect with this ever growing demographic must invest in live experiences to connect with these consumers, tell their story, and ultimately continue to grow in today’s market.  Experiential marketing succeeds when consumers connect, interact, and remember.


When you take your service or brand out to your consumers to experience it connects much deeper than a 30 second advertisement. It’s more personal and tailored to the individual.


Your customers and potential customers get more excited when they can experience the quality, taste, fit or feel of your product.  They also care more when someone is telling them personally.


When you’ve heard about something in person and experienced its quality you remember it better.  This is how experiential marketing helps your brand, service, or product stick with consumers.

Why Experiential Marketing Works

When you’re shopping for a new car what is more exciting, reading specs and worrying about MSRP, or taking that test drive?  Everyone loves revving the engine, feeling the surge of power, and experiencing a vehicle in person.  Experiential marketing works for the same reasons.  It is personal and buying is many times an emotional decision.  We focus on and purchase the things that excite or inspire us.

TV, Radio, Internet, and all other types of traditional marketing lack the excitement of experiential marketing.  It’s the in person experience that help us connect as people and take the time to realize the quality, refinement, and excitement surrounding products or services.  Experiential marketing campaigns are crafted to attract people, offer them a valuable experience, and get them excited about you and your products.

Premier Experiential Marketing Firm!

PromoGroup is your premiere experiential marketing agency and has designed and implemented exciting and memorable campaigns for easily recognizable brands such as PayPal, Crown Royal, Hershey’s, and ESPN.  Our team full embraces that the key to successful experiential marketing staes with an intimate understanding of each company, brand, and product along with the target consumers.  We help identify your company’s unique character, set of beliefs, and translate this into an experience that consumers will remember. Each experiential marketing campaign is engineered to reach the target consumers in an impactful and personal level.

Why PromoGroup Experiential Marketing?

Our team is your premiere experiential marketing agency in Phoenix.  W have crafted exciting and effective campaigns for recognizable brands like: ESPN, Crown Royal, PayPal, and Hershey’s.  Success starts with an intimate understanding of your company, products, or services.  We study how they relate to consumers and craft campaigns that target your best opportunities.

PromoGroup’s tailored services help identify your company’s brand story, set of beliefs, and consolidate this into experiences that consumers remember.  Every campaign is crafted to have maximum impact to attract consumers and help increase your brand recognition, consumer loyalty, and ultimately your company’s success.

Experiential Marketing in Phoenix

If you have a business you’d like to promote through experiential marketing in Phoenix, PromoGroup can help.  With an office in Scottsdale we know the state and its communities very well.  Our team can help create the best experiential marketing campaign for your company and promote it at the right places and times for maximum effect.

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Over 72% of Millennials prefer spending their income on live events over buying products?  This makes it more important than ever to connect with these consumers at live events through experiential marketing campaigns.


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