Sales Incentive Programs

Sales Incentives

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If you’re searching for sales incentive programs, you’re likely a business owner or manager.  PromoGroup has been researching, developing, and implementing sales incentive programs for companies for decades.  We custom design incentive programs to drive sales and help your company meet its goals.

Sales Incentive Program Design

PromoGroup’s experienced team will help you identify which challenges your company faces and how to best address the sales goals.  Our sales incentive programs are advanced and utilized various approaches and technology to motive your sales force.  We do this by focusing on the following incentive elements:

  • Leaderboards – Exceptional sales people will compete to prove dominance.
  • Online Training – Improve product knowledge by tying online training to incentives.
  • Tiered Rewards – Encourage participation from average performers with tiered rewards.
  • Track Performance – Our reporting during incentive programs helps you track employees.
  • Easy Reward Claims – Participation is always greater when it’s simple or through a mobile app.
  • Constant Communication – Engaged salespeople with customized reminder notifications.
  • Tailored Programs – For large companies programs can be tailored to depts. or regions.

When the sales incentive program is intelligently designed, offers rewards for both top sales people and average participants and is easy to claim you will get better participation.

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