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Tips for Successful Gift With Purchase Promotions

Promoting your business, products, or services with “Gift With Purchase” campaigns can be a very effective tool in marketing and sales.  There are some things to keep in mind and steps to follow to make sure it is successful and achieves the goals you have in mind. Here is our tips for successful gift with purchase promotions.

Set Clear Objectives

To create a successful gift with purchase promotion you should decide what the purpose will be and what you want to achieve.  This can be encouraging customers to buy in larger bulk quantities or even help move slower selling goods.  Gift with purchase is a powerful sales tool when it is designed to help address problem areas or increase brand awareness.  When your gift with purchase promotion has a clear objective you will have a better chance of succeeding.

Implementation & Managing Your Promotion

The fist key in a gift with purchase promotion is making sure that there are no other competing promotions going when you plan to have yours going.  You don’t want there to be too many offers going which may distract consumers.  The second key is knowing how the promotion will work and how it will be managed.  This can be tricky with larger corporations which have multiple locations such as chains or franchises.  The goal is to make the objective clear and achievable for retailers and help create additional business.

Choose Relevant Gifts

When you are trying to sell segments of items you want to make sure the gift with purchase is related to the industry, hobby, or activity and makes sense.  You don’t typically want to offer free fishing waders with the purchase of $70 dollars worth of cosmetics. Here are some tips that should help illustrate the point:

Choose small items which are easy to warehouse and keep behind cash registers. This makes it easy  to find space to keep the gifts, easy for cashiers to hand them out, and easy for customers  to take with them.

Choose related gifts to your products or services.  Lots of companies offer gift with purchase such as key chains with oil changes or travel mugs at coffee shops. Ultimately you just want them to enjoy the gift and remember it and your business as they use it.

Choose co-branded gifts which promote the brand and the retailer or location.  This means having a free pen with your logo and address or something similar. When manufacturers and retailers co-brand gift with purchase items both win and stay in the memory of consumers better.

Make The Offer Easy To Understand

People love getting gift with purchase items but can be sorely disappointed when their purchase doesn’t qualify.  It is critical to make it very prominent and plain what consumers need to do to earn the gift with purchase. The terms of the offer should be listed out very clearly so you avoid disappointing customers or confusing sales staff.  Here are tips to keep in mind for your promotion:

  • Write in plain language what needs to happen for customers to earn the gift. For example if it is a free burrito you should list out how many meals they have to pay for before they get a freebie.
  • Is there a limit to how many times a single customer can take advantage of the gift with purchase?
  • Will your promotion end? If so make sure it is printed clearly on all of your promotional materials.
  • Absolutely always include a “while supplies last” condition in case the promotion is a huge hit. You don’t want to be stuck offering other items if your material isn’t clear about running out of stock.

Detailing The Details

Promotional posters are meant to be exciting and every rule and addendum usually isn’t listed on these materials. The basics of the promotion should be listed and detailed fliers printed along with a QR code or URL to visit to read the full details and rules of the promotion.

Follow The Promotion

While sales can be a rough industry and staff might be tempted to use the gift with purchase items to close other sales, it should be reserved for the items in the promotion.  The most successful programs are designed to help encourage sales or business for certain products or services.  While it might seem like a good idea to get every sale possible it can undermine credibility when retailers are willing to bend the rules.  This habit can limit the success of gift with purchase promotions.

Promote Your Promotional Event

Having a gift with purchase promotion is great, but not if no one knows about it.  Get the word out with advertising, fliers, social media, and email blasts to let consumers know about your exciting promotion.  This can be local newspapers, radio, or even TV ads depending on the size of your company  and your goals.  Here are some ways that successful gift with purchase promotions get the word out:

  • Send emails to your customer base. Biggest key is getting the emails as you do business.
  • Display the promotion gift in your store prominently.
  • Fliers in store or mailed out to the residents in the area, especially former customers.
  • Create Facebook events and add the promotion to your website.
  • Tweet about it on Twitter and let people know it is coming up.
  • Take photos as you start the event and put them on social media.
  • Make sure you have posters and promotional material up in the store and at registers.

Measure The Promotion’s Success

You need to calculate the difference the promotion made after it is over.  Compare to previous months or the year before to measure the success of the promotion. How many more units sold?  Did the promotion get the door swinging more than before?  Did the promotion close more sales and increase business?  These are important questions to answer so you can repeat your success or learn how the promotion can be stronger.

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